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ABOUT ME- Supervisor

Heal Mind and Body


Andrea Southwell BSc (Hons)


Person Centred Counsellor, Clinical Supervisor, IEMT, NLP and Old Pain to go practitioner.






I work as a counsellor  as I believe that all people to varying degrees can benefit from having a safe space in which to be heard and acknowledged, away from their day to day lives.

To be able to speak without being judged or given advice, to be held and appreciated and cared for without the need for anything in return.

The greatest gift is to be truly with another person at their loneliest most frightening time, often in silence and to feel this in the room at their deepest level.

It is most rewarding when a client finds their own power and voice and learns the meaning of self worth.

I work according to the BACP ethical standards ensuring the safety of the client and myself. ‘The BACP (2018) state that Clients need to be able to participate freely as they work with practitioners of the counselling professions towards their desired goals. Allowing clients to trust their practitioner with their wellbeing and sensitive personal information.’

I work as a Person Centred Counsellor but also use Inner child work, IEMT, NLP, meditation and mindfulness. This allows me to share different ways of working whilst emotionally and professionally supporting clients and students to the best of my ability.

I work as a supervisor in order to promote and support Ethical Practice and protect clients from unsafe practices. I enjoy working as a counsellor and wanted to extend my work by becoming a supervisor. Working as a counsellor with trainee counsellors during their personal therapy gave me an initial interest in supervision. At times I was concerned with the lack of awareness of self and personal development of some trainee counsellors and at times an unwillingness to explore any of their own underlying issues.

I am acutely aware of the importance of good quality education that supports personal development and relates theory to practice. I support the BACP in their changes that enable supervisors to have an input into Education providers and to question any poor practices that may arise in counsellor training. Having taught counselling for many years, I am also able to support students feeling the challenges of the training process and understand the HE provisions.

I feel it is an important role of a supervisor to understand what local education providers offer in the way of training, personal development and support of students. I

 I am passionate about supervision and supporting trainee counsellor to provide best practice for clients and equally having an awareness of their own limitation, strengths and weaknesses and an ability to reflect and explore these.





ABOUT ME- Counsellor

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