Heal Mind and Body


Andrea Southwell BSc (Hons)


Person Centred Counsellor, Supervisor and Holistic Therapist





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Reiki- is a treatment that locates areas in the body that have become blocked by physical or negative emotional energy, which can cause pain, distress and energy inbalances. By channelling reiki through the body it dissolves the blockages and rebalances the energy and chakkras allowing the body to heal itself. This in turn brings harmony and allows positive energy to flow through the body restoring emotional and physical wellbeing. Reiki is used for a variety of problems including physical and emotional pain, anxiety, depression and stress.

Reiki Training-


Reiki 1- For use on friends and family. A one day course covering the development and history of reiki and how to use this gentle healing energy to gain the best possible outcomes.

Group sessions or 1-1 teaching can be arranged.



Reiki 2-Practitioner level. For use on clients. A one day course where you will be given more techniques in which to help people and you will be introduced to the reiki symbols to strengthen the healing powers.



Reiki Masters Level- Price and information on application. Please ring me or email me for more details.


Each course includes refreshments, reiki manual and certificate.